IMG_48 X 72 Series

«IMG_48x72» Series

Entitled «IMG_48x72», the exhibition offers an unpublished look on the artistic practice of Rondeau.

The photography is its medium of preference and it remains. But this time, rather than to glorify the essence of his subjects, the artist favors a plastic approach by disrupting, perturbing, the expectation and the look of the visitor.

Expect the interference, the break, the transgression, these distortion, the healing, in brief, of the distance.

From paper prints in double large formats (48 x 72 «, where from the title of the series), Rondeau went of cuts and » weaving » persisted its medium there. It results from it unique photomontages which «intensify» the initial shooting, crystallizes it, loosens it.

In their geometrical constancy, these interlacing act as a kneaded in layers but take away us from no languishing feeling.

Emmanuel Galland