Trompe-L’oeil Series


Originally, there slats crossed that transform paper photography and fractionate information. Intentionally, the image is deconstructed, initiating a vision or a fantasy. The initiatory journey within the image becomes ART and built between the concrete and the abstract.

Beyond the work, a pixelated vision and unbridled bursts and disperses in a multitude of interpretation. The viewer is confused between what he believes to see what he can touch and reality. The artifice of the creative works and gives birth doubt.

Martin Rondeau then creates the image distortion, like his mentor, Jean-Paul Riopelle, ignoring his medium, that exudes the essence of the work through the sham. The superposition of the photographic information imposes a relief superimposed deliberate again pixelated disturbing reading table.

In the end, the illusion is perfectly real. Oversized layers merge. The crust dear to the painter appears palpable. It is like an abstraction, a lyricism to a harmonic series that we return to Automatistes 20th century. The color explodes and catches.

Even today, Martin Rondeau innovates and presents the 3D braiding class 2016

Robert Simard