Unity Series

This series is about the challenge that Rondeau imposes on itself, which is to surpass itself in the exploration of what we can do to distort what we have always known about photo paper and photography itself. . Rondeau tries to explore to the limit of the possibilities that this medium can allow, and more.

An ephemeral work in the studio, a progressing process, working differently in a way that is always with the same base, photographic printing paper on different mediums which gives me the possibility of transforming the material of all shapes, colors, even the sculptor in three dimensions.

Photographing different moments during and until the end of this creative process in the studio, gives me a transforming end result, a whole new image is created, from this same base, Rondeau has the image evaluated which will be transformed into a new creation. , just like a painter or a sculptor, which in turn becomes a unique work.

A limited edition of 10, on digital print paper, numbered and signed.