Green Grass Series


‘’The grass is greener on the other side of the fence’’.

Everything seems better way, why this desire? I want to look like another, be and live like him. I want to be that which is next door. What lies behind the facade it you? Everything seems to be perfect, beautiful. Is that still the case?

Seemingly, there is a perception, what is believed to be real. Could this be an illusion, a ghost, a provocation? Then immersed in the image and then, on reflection, we explore and discover what lies behind … a story, true, not always the one we imagine.

The image is raw or misleading. The contrast is striking, transports the viewer in its own way distorted memories. Nudity confronts nature, omnipresent, attracts and animates the looks, suggests and destabilizing. Rasterization creates an abstract division and always increases the possibilities of interpretation.

Martin Rondeau creates distortion by lathing, making substantially reveal the work’s quintessence. As with Impressionist, information flanges installed a state, pixelated, broken, shredded, torn, disturbing reading table. The illusion is always perfection.

Revisiting the memories, which we forge, at the dawn of our consciousness. Childhood is what builds us and mark us forever. As much as look in obsession, somewhere between truth and sham. For Rondeau, accept the past is always true.

Here Green Grass Martin Rondeau

 Robert Simard