Confession Series



None mortal can keep a secret. If lips remain silent, it is the fingers which speak. The treason oozes by all the pores of the skin.

Sigmund Freud

By confessing on his desires, his passions or his desires the man releases himself from his inhibitions and opens to him even. To let go on his sufferings, and thus on the past, allows to take place in an instant of eternity when everything lives, where everything flash of lightning and becomes just. By revealing our internal wounds, the confession allows to explore our ambiguities and our desires. This introspection entails risks, because this discovery, unlimited visible, is not without consequence. It is by the fruit of a long reflection that the artist-photographer-sculptor Martin Rondeau approaches these themes through painting disturb so much that they seduce.

The subjects confess and give way to the look inquisitive and sometimes collusive in the photographer. Body fascination, the sublimation of the plastic art or the search for the unconscious in the slightest folds of the flesh. This putting “abime” obliges us the questioning, because it is the darkest, the most impenetrable part of our personality whom the artist expresses in this series of paintings. The place of an internal chaos, a surplus of feelings prevents us from living.

But why do we feel(do smell) the need, we would say almost the urgency, to tell? Because, sometimes, the feelings can be unbearable and then, he(it) becomes necessary to translate them into words or into images to make them go out, expel them and so feel itself more relieved, because if the emotion does not find the vehicle of the word, it resorts(turns) to the mindless gesture(movement). «To confess» calms down the pain and cure.

Stéphane Le Duc