Fashion Archive

Through his lens, Martin Rondeau as fashion photographer creates beauty and makes icons of the women that inhabit his photographs. Rondeau appropriates the image, transforms it, and brings it to life. He flirts with our taboos, reveals our emotions, stimulates and sublimes our way of perceiving. His passion for aesthetics and latent thoughts push him in his artistic endeavors and force him to overcome some boundaries. From fashion campaign or magazine editorial he work with for many years, his direction combining strength and fragility, strength and lightness, seduction and sensuality, beauty and emotion transparency, are all the singularity of his works. The emotion of the moment of creation, the «vibration», the art direction and vision, still focus from the beginning to the end, of this process, when this «vibration» is printed, my purpose is reached.

From this fashion world where I was formed, now, between fashion and art, the work of Rondeau has truly revealed to the public in 2006 with is first art exhibition. The creative energy of his work is apparent not only that of a constant search by fashion photographer of beauty, but also to that of a painter who plays with colors or a sculptor who designs a photography.

By my photos, I want to make relive the creative process from the beginning to the end as his same process in fashion industry. In a parallel to my career of fashion photographer, now I live and work as an artist in visual arts. His requirement and rigor have become one of the most respected photographers.